Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Blogworthy Topic Fatigue

I haven't posted in a while, as my loyal reader(s?) may have noticed. This is due to several reasons, not the least of which is that I've been very busy lately as we near the Christmas Holiday break. But the major reason is that, as you may have noticed, I talk alot about political topics, and lately, I have reached a saturation point for thinking about and reading about all things political. This has been brought on in the largest portion by the fact that I still have a HUGE soft spot for Mike Huckabee, and am dismayed that many of my favorite political web-haunts have been attacking him so viciously. In fact, these attacks, almost exclusively coming from the Right, have done virtually nothing to dissuade me from supporting Mike, but have rather pushed me closer to casting my own lot, with him rather than against. I will post more on this later, I hope, particularly regarding his recent "Merry Christmas" ad, which I absolutely love, for completely non-subtextual reasons.

I still hope Fred! surges. I'm still not voting for Romney or Rudy, even in the General Election. I still think McCain is crazy but would vote for him if I had to. I still like Richard Brookhieser's description of Ron Paul supporters as "wicked idiots". But I'm leaning Huck, and it's the Huckabashers' faults. But most of all, I'm tired.

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