Thursday, January 08, 2009

That Time of Year Again

Once again it's that hallowed time of the year when we celebrate the birthday of a certain someone whose very existence has changed the world for the better (a healthy and hale 31 years, thanks for asking!). Also, something about Elvis Presley. In celebration of that lesser thing, Glenn Reynolds links to an article he wrote some time ago about how Elvis Presley Saved The World From Fascism. The gist is that before Elvis came along and dominated all forms of media, the only way to dress up in funny clothes, see a great light show, listen to somebody who was a master behind the microphone and feel that you were apart of something greater than yourself was to be a fascist. It's worth a read; I think the only tangent he really misses is the tendency of the very "artists" who provide such alternate forms of group-unity expression to support the very fascist regimes that Elvis supposedly "conquered" (or at least averted).


Anonymous Marty said...

I read a quote in the Scrapbook of the Weekly Standard. It refers to Nixon, but you can substitute the Left's latest bugbear and it'll pretty much summarize the attitudinizing of many on the Left, particularly those in entertainment:

They have made Mr. Nixon stand for evil and they think that all it takes to be virtuous is to hate him. It is the sin of pride.

4:45 PM  

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