Thursday, March 02, 2006

self-defeating propaganda

I just spent the 20-odd minutes listening to the audio clip from this post, courtesy of LGF (transcript available from Michelle Malkin). Basically, it's a rant from a super-leftist highschool geography teacher during what appears to be a normal, daily lecture to his students. The usually loony liberal garbage is there, and I won't bother repeating any of it -- listen for yourself if you can stomach it. However, it got me thinking, and gave me *just a sliver* of hope. In the background, apart from the main conversation between the teacher, Jay Bennish, and the recording student, Sean Allen, you can occasionally hear some students murmuring answers to the teacher's blatantly leading questions. Virtually every time he asks a question of the class, it's an inflammatory question asking who is responsible for some evil act, and the answer is almost always "The United States" as the perpetrator of this evil. At one point, I forget what the question was, but Bennish again solicits an answer as to the evil perpetrator, but from the context the answer was obviously NOT the USA (I think it might have been Israel, but I can't stomach listening to the speech again, so I'm not going to go back and check). However, one student still manages to answer "Umm, America?". Hooray for the future. This is very quiet on the audio, so any transcriptions might not have picked this up. I hope people notice it, though.

Reminds me of an old church joke: Little Johnny is sitting in sunday school, and the teacher is talking about nature, and asks the class "What's small, brown, and furry, and hides its nuts in a tree during the winter?" Nobody wants to answer, so the teacher calls on Little Johnny. He sheepishly responds: "Ma'am, I think it's a squirrel, but I'm going to have to say Jesus." Indoctrination works, folks.

Which brings me to my actual point in this post, a mere 2 paragraphs in: (well, ok, it brings me to the preliminary, introductory comments re: my point, but still, bear with me). It's no stretch of the imagination to me that there exist many Jay Bennishes within our failing public school system. Moreover, with the rare and delightful exception of Sean Allen, there are very few people willing to stand up to these indoctrinators and think for themselves. Most either do not care, and answer as instructed to get their grade and move on, or blindly follow the teacher's rantings and become little liberals in their own right. It is only those who carefully analyze what the teacher is saying, investigate the actual facts, rise above the propaganda, and form their own opinions who ever realize the truth (I call these people "conservatives". Say it with me, class!). Ok, here's my point: it takes a hell of a lot of work to come out of the education system with solid intellectually conservative credentials. It's very easy to coast by and be liberal.

What are the ramifications of this? Well, just look at the Democratic party in this country, and the liberal left as a whole. What's one of the more common complaints about the Democrats, both from within and from without? They don't have any "new ideas". They're having trouble "getting their message out there". As evidenced by the Larry Summers debacle at Harvard (up to and including his recent resignation), true, controversial discourse among liberals is dead -- if you don't toe the party line, you're out. Think as we think, do as we do, and, to quote my favorite musician, "if you don't get in line, we'll lock you away".

How could it come about that the party of "progress" and "new things" has become so devoid of innovation, whereas the ones with the truly revolutionary ideas are all conservatives? Simply because of the liberals' self-defeating infiltration into the school system. Even the genuinely intelligent liberals make it through elementary, highschool, college, and grad school without ever being legimitately challenged on an intellectual level. Anyone with their eyes open knows that it is exceedingly difficult for a conservative to make it through all those layers of indoctrination without being faced with constant criticism, humiliation, challenges, and general opposition, all of which only serve to force the conservative to think harder, faster, and more creatively than his aggressors. It's natural selection at its best, and we have the liberal propagandists to thank!

So the next time you lament the state of our schools, just keep in mind: we conservatives have been honed into the T. Rex. Liberals are the big, dopey, complacent, and plentiful herbivorous dinos just biding their small-brained, defenseless time munching on the foliage in the swamps -- let the carnage begin!