Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Geraghty the Indispensable

I have a certain fondess for National Review's Jim Geraghty. After all, it was nearing on three years ago now that I first discovered The Kerry Spot, his all-donk-all-the-time coverage of the 2004 Presidential Race, and it was The Kerry Spot that served both as an introduction to the only political/news magazine to which I now subscribe, as well as a gentle introduction to the blogosphere itself (yes, Virginia, there was life before the blogosphere).

So after a brief, and rather uninteresting, intermission as the obscurely-named "TKS", in honor of its former existence, it's back in full force as The Hillary Spot, covering all the various donk-related political maneuverings thus far (not limiting itself, of course, to only Hillary, but to all Dem presidential contenders). Today's entry, a fisking of mass email supposedly penned by Bill for Hill, is particularly high-larious (Hillary-ous?). An excerpt:

No insult was off-limits. No tactic was too low. They threw everything they could at us — but we beat them time and time again.

We beat 'em together. Just you, me, her and a big pile of Chinese money.

The attacks on Hillary haven't stopped, and she hasn't stopped winning.

You saw how well she did in her 2006 Senate race against her Republican opponent whatshisname.

You know how they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger? Well, Hillary is as strong as they come.

Vote for my wife. She is immortal.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Partying with the Locals

Brother Sam is at it again, this time with one of the local men:

Here's his take on the event:
After I finished my last test pit yesterday I just threw my stuff from where I was in the pit to the surface. I was about 2.5 meters deep, so I could not see the outside of it. I threw up my hammer, my water bottle, my tape measure, and my clipboard with the log sheet on it. The slope to get into the hole is steep loose dirt, so it is kind of a struggle. As my eyes came to ground level I noticed a herd of goats surrounding the TP. Then I looked over, and one was eating my log sheet. I grabbed the hammer and raised it at him, and all he did was stare at me and then continue eating my work. I scrambled at him and he looked at me and made an Eli waaaaa noise (Eli is Sam's pet Pekingese. Looks like a giant furry cockroach, but he's pretty cute for a yip-yip dog -- ed.). I was pissed, but it was really funny. I took it away from him, and he gave me a 'well, you owe me something to eat now' stare and bleat. He trotted away a little bit, but I held my hand down and he came right back. I went to the truck to get my camera, and the herd moved on, but I motioned for my new buddy and he came right back. It was funny. It did sort of startle me when my head first broke the surface and was eye to eye with a horned goat though. Here are a couple of photos of my friend. It was really funny, and I had to rewrite the log sheet, but I could see all of the information that I had written on it, so it was no great loss. All of the goats are itty bitty.

I still think he's at a petting zoo, but he swears these are the wild natural fauna of Mongolia.