Friday, May 09, 2008

Obligatory Means Fun!

In fulfillment of my promise to post at least one post here per week, here we go: I'm sick, hence my lack of recent posts. Been sick since Monday. Miserable, sore-throat, funky-sinuses, chronic coughing, strange-colored-phlegm sick (one particular phlegmular event reminded me of nothing short of wet bacon). Not that that prevented me from going to work each day, where I am particularly busy and will be for the next five weeks (not that that typically slows my blogging down, but in this case...). Anywho, hooray for NyQuil, and hopefully I'll be a bit more chipper and productive by Monday.

The most interesting part of this particular sickness is that, as of today, I can taste nothing, despite being able to breath just fine. I drank a Coke that, literally, tasted like soda water (Mrs. Redshirt assured me that it tasted fine to her). The sweet sweet tamale-rito* that I concocted for lunch was a big log of mush in my mouth. On the plus side, I also cannot taste the Corona left over from my in-laws recent visit that I am drinking as I write this (strictly for self-medicating purposes, I assure you).

So to prevent this blog from completely devolving into some sort of kiddie livejournal piece of frippery, here is a fascinating and amusing story told in pictures, involving the Wee Redshirt and the family cat, Newton (after the scientist, not the fruit bar). Feel free to add your own captions, or even create a stirring plot:

*Instructions for a tamale-rito: Step 1: Get Mexican In-laws. To accomplish this, either a) marry a Mexican, or b) persuade a sibling to marry a Mexican. Adoption may be another avenue. Step 2: Have them bring you some hand-crafted tamales and fresh flour tortillas when they visit. The best way to get them to do this is by ensuring that, of their six children, only one of them has happened to have any progeny yet (who you helped create), and thus, they owe you, man. Step 3: Heat the tortilla on a griddle. Step 4: Spread sour cream, Tapatio hot sauce, avocado (or guacamole, if made by an Authentic (or Honorary) Mexican), and, if available, refried frijoles on one side of the tortilla. Step 5: Place the tamale on the sauced-up side of the tortilla. Step 6: Wrap it up and eat it! Amazing that, after centuries of culinary development, it took a juero like me to invent this divine creation.


Anonymous J to the D said...

You know, it was only thanks to this post that I realized two things: (a) I have never before now seen pictures of Little Miss Redshirt, and (b) she's adorable! It appears she takes good care of Newton, too.

BTW, thanks for the heads-up on the tamale-rito...I'll have to try that.

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A newton is in fact, a newton, not a fruit bar.

8:45 PM  
Anonymous Marty said...

Nice pix. Your daughter is a doll. She seems to have quite an imagination. The pictures tell quite a story that I somehow wish I was in on.

9:20 AM  
Blogger Angela said...

What a cutie pie! Your little Princess Redshirt looks like a smart little cookie.

While you were sick, however, there's danger a-brewin' in the RP camp. You have to check out Patterico's to read about how he really might still be the next POTUS!!! (And don't laugh at me because I don't know how to put a stinkin' link in the comments.)

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Marty said...

Hey Angela: Some comment boxes make it easy. Some don't. This one doesn't. Say you want to put a link on the word "Ben". Say the link is To put the link in you do the following:

<a href="">Ben</a>

Hope this helps. I can hear it: Next question will be how to render html tags in html like I just did above.)

8:33 PM  

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