Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This Isn't The Candidate You're Looking For

...said with all the flourish of a true Jedi master. But I digress. Just this morning on the way to work, I was telling my wife (being a one-car family, we "carpool") that I, and I think many if not most Republicans, would love the opportunity to vote for serious a black candidate -- if only he were, you know, a true conservative, and not crazy. Alan Keyes is not that man. And now it looks like he's not even the man for the (please try not to laugh) "Constitution Party"!



Anonymous Marty said...

One commenter said"

"I hope that the Constitutional wing of the electorate supports one candidate instead of splitting the vote among several "minor" candidates."

I laughed, until I went to his site and saw he was serious.

1:20 PM  
Blogger Benjamin said...

That sort of implies that even the fringe has a fringe. Which is very scary. Maybe it's a political fractal, in which every fringe group has its own extremist fringe, until the granularity is so fine as to be down to individual activists with heterodox views -- at which point, members with multiple-personality disorder break off and form multiple factions within themselves!

In other words, "Ron Paul's entire constituency".

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

I have a long term bet with a co-worker that the first Black, or woman President will come from the GOP.

It may be close this year.

8:01 AM  
Blogger Benjamin said...

I dunno, supposedly H and O are both pulling ahead of McCain in national polls now, which is impressive considering all the negative press both of them are receiving. Although that may have more to do with the non-press McCain is receiving than anything the Hildebeast or Mr. Hussein-Obama are doing.

8:08 AM  

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