Tuesday, February 05, 2008

McCain: Looking Better All the Time

The Anchoress has this to say about McCain versus Romney. For those of you who are truly conflicted about whether to vote for the "Maverick" or the "True Conservative", do yourself a huge favor, read the whole thing, and give yourself some perspective. Particularly if you were going to vote for Rudy/Fred/Huck/Duncan/Tancredo/Ron, but your guy dropped out or proved to be dead-on-arrival (ok, strike that last one -- you're still going to vote for him, because you're a compete moron. Nothing I can say or do will change either of those facts), and now you think your choice might be Mitt "Anyone But McCain" Romney. The key point she makes is that, in all of the current efforts of the "hard right" (her words) to convince folks to vote for Mitt, the only thing they can solidly point to is that, indeed, he's not John McCain. Very little breath is apparently expended attempting to explain why we should vote for Mitt Romney on his own merits. A little sample:
When I look at Romney I see a smart businessman who will probably be good on taxes. But I also see a guy who only became “pro-life” when it became politically expedient to do so. I see a guy who only clearly supported “the surge” after it became a success. I see a guy who is still flip-flopping on the second amendment - and about other things. I see a guy who has a blandness to him that will be eaten alive by either Obama’s stunning charisma and energy, or by Hillary’s machine - I don’t believe he can actually win the White House.

And let me add: if you're thinking of "sitting this one out" if McCain wins the nomination, keep in mind that as of January 2009, six of the nine supreme court justices will be over the age of 70, and ripe for retirement. A failure to vote is a vote for Hillary, no matter how you look at it, and there is the potential for such incredible, lasting damage to this country that to protest the war hero you just don't like makes you at least as much of a "wicked idiot" as a Ron Paul troofer.

Maybe tomorrow I'll finally get around to writing about why I will not vote for Mitt Romney. Maybe tomorrow it won't matter.



Anonymous Marty said...

I think you'll see a lot more of this "coming around". Rush has really gone insane recently on McCain. I wonder how he'll be talking in a month or so.

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