Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tragic Loss

Ok, the title's actually about Fred quitting the race (and maybe soon I'll suck it up, dry my eyes, put on my man-pants, and write about that whole sad story), but the post is about Heath Ledger. How's that for a bait-and-switch! Now, I'm as excited as the next red-blooded American Geek about the next Batman movie (in which Mr. Ledger will be portraying a rather different take on The Joker than the esteemed Jack Nicholson -- and this just might just be a good thing!), and fortunately for that, all the principal photography was already completed prior to his death this week. Notwithstanding his Brokeback antics, of which to date I have steadfastly refused my patronage, he was a fair and enjoyable actor. But after reading a little bit of the news coverage, I just have this to say: if your only interaction with an individual involves a television or movie screen between the two of you, and you ever even think about going out, spending your hard-earned money on flowers, traveling to the place of that individual's untimely demise, and laying them at a shrine dedicated to that person, YOU FAIL THE HUMAN RACE. Please exit now.



Anonymous Marty said...

Oh, I don't know Ben. I can think of a couple of people I might have done some kind of memorial to under the right circumstances. Had their demise ended up untimely (as it almost did in both cases), and had I been in the vicinity of Washington or Rome, I might have left a token of respect to Reagan or the Pope. I could probably think of others, even others whose demise was not untimely. Like Hedy Lamarr.

11:07 AM  
Anonymous J to the D said...

Heck, I was just surprised that you hadn't posted about Fred! before now. Certainly sad about Ledger, though...I'll be very interested to see his interpretation of the Joker.

2:16 PM  

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