Monday, July 30, 2007

Kryptonite to Liberals

Over at The Corner, Jonah Goldberg posted an email from one of his readers, describing the uproar over the reader's email/newsgroup "signature" file, culled from Mr. Goldberg's own writing. This individual, who apparently has used many politically-themed signatures in his emails and newsgroup postings, has never before provoked such animosity as he has with this new quote. He (the reader) goes so far as to wonder if the statement produces such great cognitive dissonance among liberals that it results in them becoming angry and incoherent at the slightest exposure, thus yielding the comparison to kryptonite. If it does, indeed, have such great power, then I must do my best to expose liberals to it as well, in the (very) off chance that some liberal happens to wander upon this blog. The quote in question, for those of you who have not clicked through the above links already?
"Liberals used to be the ones who argued that sending U.S. troops abroad was a small price to pay to stop genocide; now they argue that genocide is a small price to pay to bring U.S. troops home."

Touche, Mr. Goldberg.

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Anonymous Marty said...

.sig files I've used that have gotten occasional comment. The only "political" one is the first one:

"The wise man's understanding turns him to his right, the fool's understanding turns him to his left."
- Ecclesiastes 10:2

"There's something about an Aqua Velva woman." - ?

"Where am I going?...And why am I in this handbasket?" - ?

8:30 PM  
Blogger Benjamin said...

Marty -- I've always liked that verse too, but I think you'll find the (more accurately translated) NASB version even better suited to the political undertones therein: "A wise man's heart directs him toward the right, but the foolish man's heart directs him toward the left."

7:49 AM  

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