Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Silly Anchor

Ah, Keith Olbermann. Never having been a big fan of the reportage of televised sports, I never gained the ability to watch SportsCenter six times a day like some of my friends. Thus, I was ignorant as to who the bombast on MSNBC was that played like a nutty Troofer version of Bill O'Reilly until relatively recently. Now, as I understand it from reading various forums that erupt when he has made when he spews out one of his "special comments", he is viewed as The Great Pundit for the unwashed, terminally-BDSed leftward-leaning masses. I can barely stomach more than five to ten seconds of any of his commentary, so pompous, vitriolic, and pretentious that it is.

At any rate, Mr. Olbermann has focused his amazing analytical skills on the most pressing issue of our age. What might that be? The Iraq War? Immigration reform? Terrorism in general? Far from it. Here we have his hard-hitting analysis on the potential ending of the last Harry Potter book.

So there you have it. Not only does he read the Harry Potter books, he obviously takes them so seriously that he is even capable of having the above-linked discussion, full of in-group jargon which he fails to define in the article, and, more amazingly, pet names for various characters.

Now as a fan of science fiction and fantasy, far be it from me to ridicule someone for reading fantasy... er... literature such as the Harry Potter series. Admittedly, I've seen the first four films at least twice, and plan to do so for the last three when I get a chance. Nevertheless, Mr. Olbermann puts himself into a position that mimics great authority on the political issues of our day, and yet he publicly acknowledges that he spends his time reading and analyzing children's books -- a fine pastime for just about anyone other than a purportedly well-informed political pundit.

Sorry, Keith. You are not the next Walter Kronkite. You are not the next Edward R. Murrow. Quite frankly, you are not even the liberal Bill O'Reilly. What a sad little man.

Disclaimer: In all fairness, having seen the first four movies and having only read the wikipedia synopses on the fifth and six books, his conclusions and predictions are fairly insightful.

Update: And wrong, too, now that the book has been released. Take THAT, you silly man.



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And since I try to keep the front page relatively clean, you have no idea how hard it was to write a post about Keith Olbermann without using the word "douchebag" a single time.

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