Monday, July 02, 2007

My Kinda Music

Since in my last post I expressed a frustration with my attempts to get into Opera, I thought I'd provide some music that I find very easy to "get into": some good ol' fingerpickin' guitar. Apparently this is considered "neo-acoustic", whatever that means. Behold, Don Ross, fingerpicker (well, some time fingerslapper, as it were) extraordinaire, with an interesting composition called "Jesse Helms' Night in Havana":

If you like that, just search on YouTube for "Don Ross" to find LOTS more -- this is why I love the internet.

I have "discovered" a number of astounding guitarists of this style, including Mr. Ross here, via Charles Johnson @ LGF, who, while not moonlighting as an evil Zionist Islamophobic neocon Bushitlerburton lapdog reptilian alien (see his blog for details -- search for "lizardoid"), apparently knows a thing or two about music. So to him I graciously and gratefully tip my hat.

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Anonymous Chris said...

Very nice selection.

I agree, this music seems much more accessible than opera to me. I think Johnson's musical offerings (either video, or audio alone) are a very nice touch for LGF. Although I haven't liked everything he's put up, it humanizes him, so he's less likely to be labelled as a hate-filled Islamaphobe.

10:22 AM  
Blogger Benjamin said...

Johnson (who I inexplicably called "Larry" in my original post; now corrected to "Charles") does occasionally go overboard, I think, but I do frequently peruse his blog to get an idea of what "the enemy" is up to. I think his major failing is too much skepticism toward Muslims who genuinely are "moderate" -- i.e., those who unequivocally condemn terrorism and violence in the name of their religion. I use the scare quotes on "moderate" because, frankly, from the tepid-at-best response of self-described "moderate" Muslims, the Muslims I've described above are actually downright liberal. It's all relative.

10:48 AM  

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