Monday, July 10, 2006

A Real Story

In light of the recent "revelations" by the NYTimes, the LATimes, et alia, the only "defense" mustered seems to by this mythical right of the American people "to know". Hugh Hewitt makes a point (not in regard to the SWIFT program, but to the LATimes front-page "breaking news" about Lance Armstrong allegations, nevermind that they're discredited and weeks-old at this point) that newspapers seem obsessed with spilling secrets:

Proposition: Big MSM has really lost its way, concluding that anything "secret" is in fact wrongfully hidden from public view, and that its function is to act as a conveyer belt to the front page for whatever a party or person doesn't want revealed.

Anywho, this got me thinking, that if they genuinely were about spilling secrets, any secrets, they'd go after a potentially bigger story than the SWIFT program: an expose' on who within the government has been leaking all this classified material! That seems like an awfully big story to me. Somebody has been exposing these (to the best of my knowledge) perfectly legal programs, the net effect of which is to a) smear George W. Bush, our sitting President, and b) hinder the war against Islamic Fascism. Why doesn't some media arm dig out these leakers for all the world to see? I mean, what if they're true-blue, red-blooded American patriots who are genuinely trying to do some good? Or, what if they happen to be individuals with a track-record of Bush-hatred and America-bashing? Or what if, God forbid, it's somebody with awfully suspicious ties to the Middle East, say, with an conspicuously Arab last name? That latter choice, I think, scares me the most.

The point is this: somebody is placed high-enough that they have both the clearance AND the need-to-know about these programs, and either that person of someone intimately connected with them are leaking these classified, government secrets to the media. That's a crime. No one in their right mind would claim that it's not a very serious crime, either. The MSM is therefore saying that some crimes, in their own mind, now matter how egregious, are ok to commit.

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Anonymous Marty said...

Why doesn't some media arm dig out these leakers for all the world to see?

I guess the answer to your question, rhetorical though it likely was, is that there is honor among thieves. And if the government tried to root them out, it would be gallons of ink decrying the inquisition.

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