Thursday, July 06, 2006

As Much Fun as Shooting Monkeys in a Barrel...

Oh no! Another post on media bias! Fun and easy, as my mixed metaphor of a title implies.

Some media bias is temporally based, and transient in nature, only able to be caught by keen observers. For instance: two rulings by state supreme courts, one in New York and the other in Georgia, within hours of eachother today, reaffirmed the democratic will of the people by upholding or reinstating various anti-gay-marriage legislation. On CNN's website, to their credit, they initially put up a big red NEWS ALERT on their front page regarding the initial NY decision. However, within MINUTES, this banner was replaced by another banner alerting us that, after all, North Korea was not going to launch more missiles (stop the presses! Nothing is going on under our very noses! We must report this!). Unlike the usual procedure, a link to an article about the NY court decision did not appear on the main page for hours.

And here's something interesting: for a good long while (at least an hour), the "breaking news" that nothing was going to happen in North Korea stayed up at the top of the screen, without a linking article, and with a blaring typo in the text (referring to "untelligence sources" -- another subtle example of media bias, perhaps unconciously? I'll be gracious and assume it was a simple typo). It has the icky feel of an editor demanding that they put something, anything, up on the main page to distract attention away from the blow to the gay marriage agenda. So they hastily "broke" the news that nothing was happening, without even so much as a spell check.

Of course, by the time the Georgia Supremes announced their decision, it became too much of the 800-pound-gorilla to ignore. SO, CNN finally linked an article to each of the two court case decisions on their front page (without, I might add, a prominent BREAKING NEWS banner for the second one, to the best of my knowledge -- although I might have missed a quickie).

Of course, FOX News had prominent banners about BOTH court decisions, appropriately. Barely a peep about the nothing that was happening over in North Korea though. Blarrrgggh! Faux news! Conservative fascist media bias for Chimpy McFlightSuit Bu$hitlerburton! glarblarhelglharg!



Anonymous Marty said...

Ben! Take a deep breath!

I've noticed this same propensity. Makes you think there really is a big lefty conspiracy. Some moron who is not "with the program" puts out a story on an MSM web site. His higher ups see it and relegate him to the mailroom, then quickly call a meeting to figure out if they should ignore the story, bury it, or if they run it, what kind of anti-Bush spin they can put on it.

10:42 AM  

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