Thursday, November 27, 2008

I Regret To Inform You

It is with my sincere apologies that I must inform you all that, as cute as you think your own child is, mine is just that much cuter and more adorable. For proof of this claim, please observe the following:



Anonymous Chris said...

Ignore her.

Just kidding. She's very cute, Ben. Adorable, actually.

We went to Disney World last year with my daughter and went to a dinner where many of the princesses mingled with the guests. Anna loved it. I liked Ariel the best.

We also went to a Disney character dinner in the Magic Kingdom part, which I found out to my dismay, was a "dry" part of the park. It seems like Magic Kingdom is the area of Disney World where you'd most need alcohol- screaming, over-tired kids and all. Whatever.

Anyway, when Pluto came to our table I hugged him and said "Pluto, old pal!! Any way on God's green earth you can get me a beer?" He did his silent guffaw, and moved on.

10:18 AM  
Anonymous Marty said...

I see you're already training her to be a Mexican. But I guess that's SeƱora's department...

Seriously, cuter than a baby's butt. You'd better start stocking ammo. And, oh yeah, buy a gun.

3:00 PM  

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