Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Beautiful Bind

According to this post over at the Corner, the Supreme Court has ruled in Medellin vs. Texas (background, as linked in that post, here), and that ruling serves as both a victory for states' rights and a repudiation of the Bush administration.

This presents a rare and wonderful opportunity for the Left to make a complete ass of itself in trying to "spin" this. If they attack the Court for its effectively anti-International-Court ruling, they implicitly support President Bush's foreign policy and his views of a stronger Executive office. If they hail it as the repudiation of Bush's overreaching that it is, then they must concede that the Roberts court (indeed, the opinion was written by the Chief Justice himself) is neither a rubber-stamp for the Bush administration, nor is it "tilting rightward" to some deleterious effect, as certain court reporters would have one believe.

This ought to be fun to watch. For those of you with seats up front, bring a plastic sheet. Some heads are gonna a-splode.



Anonymous Marty said...

It's lovely, Ben. And don't forget, that if they they side with the court, they also side against allowing an internationalist perspective to seep into our jurisprudence, as well as siding with states rights, and with Texas!

7:39 AM  
Blogger Benjamin said...

And considering how intense BDS (and its successor, McDS) can be, it seems likely that that is the path they'll be forced to take!

And I sorta mentioned the international-courts (2nd sentence, 2nd paragraph) and states-rights (first sentence of post) things already, so nyah. But good point about Texas!

7:49 AM  

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