Monday, March 10, 2008

We Win!

My high school, Little Rock Catholic High School for Boys, was never known for its athletic prowess, apart from sports dominated by white kids (soccer, swimming, etc.), during my tenure there. Sure, in days gone by, they had won their fair share of state football championships, but by and large they have been a latter-day dud in the "big" sports (football and basketball -- our long-time rector Msgr. George W. Tribou righteously and steadfastly refused to allow a baseball team due to missed school and Sunday games). Now it looks like the tables have turned: As of this weekend, the Catholic High Rockets are officially the 7-A (the state's highest division) Men's Basketball State Champions, after a nerve-wracking 46-44 victory over Conway! Go Rockets!

What's very interesting to me is that it's the same coach we've had for somewhere in the neighborhood of two decades, Tim Ezzi (EASE-eye) (CHS '72), so there must be something in the water for a new crop of boys to do so well.

So please indulge me in a moment of weepy sentimentality with our alma mater:

Proudly we speak your name,
Proudly wear your colors.
Friendships made within these walls
Will mellow through the years.

We in some distant day
May brush away a tear
Borne of memories as these
We hold so very dear



Anonymous Chris said...

You have an extra http:/ in your link.

Looks like a great school; reminiscent of the all-boys school I went to in Buffalo (St Joseph's Collegiate Institute). I'm a big fan of same-sex HS education, and wish we had such schools near me.

PS. Go Rockets!

9:01 PM  
Blogger Benjamin said...

Fixed! Thanks, Chris.

Go Rockets!

7:31 AM  

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