Monday, September 18, 2006

Positively Disgusting

Time Magazine interview with Ahmadinejad, quoted in part from LGF page:

TIME: Why do your supporters chant “Death to America”?

Ahmadinejad: When they chanted that slogan, it means they hate aggression, and they hate bullying tactics, and they hate violations of the rights of nations and discrimination. I recommended to President Bush that he can change his behavior, then everything will change.

I'm reminded of the scene in The Simpsons when Bart's arch-nemesis Sideshow Bob is (I believe) at his parole hearing, or on trial, or something. The prosecutor, or whoever, asks why, if he has reformed, Sideshow Bob has a tattoo on his chest reading "Die Bart Die" -- to which he responds, "Oh, that's just German for "The Bart The" (to which somebody responds "Oh, anybody who speaks German can't be evil!").

Seriously, if the reporter who was interviewing Ahmadinejad didn't spew milk out of his nose, or bust out laughing incredulously, or something, when he said this, that reporter is a shameless shill. This is beyond the pale here.

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Anonymous J to the D said...

Riiiiight...which is why I can remember seeing news footage in the 80s of Iranian crowds chanting the very same thing, almost 20 years before Bush entered office and several years even before the first Gulf War. If they have such great psychic abilities, Montel Williams may have found a pool of potential replacements for Sylvia Browne on his show...

4:00 AM  

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