Friday, September 15, 2006

Et Tu, Foxnews?

Intentionally vague and dissimulating headline of the day: "Religious Leaders Rage Against Pope Comments". That's the front-page headline at Fox News today, regarding the brilliant, oh-so-necessary, and probably soon-to-be-retracted-or-at-least-qualified speech by Pope Benedict XVI. So of course I expect to read an article about how Pat Robertson, Billy Graham, and of course the great Reverend Al Sharpton are shocked, shocked that the Pope would speak out against both extreme secularism and extreme (Islamic) fundamentalism.

Of course, upon click-through, they add a bit of an expanded title: "Religious Leaders Across Mideast Rage Against Pope's Comments on Islam". Gee, that clears it up a bit -- obviously, nobody cares that much of his speech was dedicated to the rise of secularism. But still, thank goodness we're going to hear from all the Eastern-Rite Catholics and Jews and Baha'i and Chaldo-Assyrians about how mean and nasty that Pope guy was.

Oh wait. Turns out, it is about Muslim leaders. Color me surprised! I suppose the pithiness quotient of "Muslim Leaders Rage Against Pope Comments" was just too high for them to consider as a headline.

Now, why on earth would Foxnews want to be so bashful about what was going on? I'm just askin here...

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Anonymous Chris said...

There are times when I wonder about Fox News too. I originally thought they were a breath of fresh air, but am now starting to lump them with the rest of the MSM. The internet is the best place to go nowadays for real info.

This Pope thing is sure to escalate, sorta like the Danish cartoon thing. Also, he's visiting Turkey soon, where the last person to try to assasinate a Pope came from. Benedict is the 111th Pope, and there will only be 112 before the last judgement.

All this stockpiled ammo will not protect me from God's wrath. Damn.

7:40 AM  
Anonymous Marty said...

I watch very little on Fox News, but I watch it more than any other TV news source. I watch very little TV news. I probably flip to the Weather Channel more often than Fox. I can't stand O'Reilly, Greta, or Geraldo. Hannity is OK, but he acts and looks like a Boy Scout on steroids, and Colmes is such a token lefty. But if there is a breaking war story, like 9/11 or the Afgahn or Iraq war, I'll generally watch it on Fox.

I also choose their web site before any other TV News web site. But they've just done a redesign which I find visually unappealing.

1:58 PM  
Blogger Benjamin said...

I'm with you on my tv-news-watching habits, Marty. Except that I can't really stand Hannity either. I was actually a die-hard O'Reilly fan for a while there (wife even got an autographed Who's Looking Out for You when he read her email at the end of the program back in '03), but when he gave Dan Rather a free pass on Rathergate, the veil, as it were, was lifted from my eyes. The whole Andrea Mackris thing gave me a nasty feeling too -- O'Reilly not being one to back away from a false smear, and then settling out-of-court on that issue, and all.

In fact, now that we've cancelled cable, I don't watch any TV news, since reception in our area is so lousy that we don't even get the broadcast channels!

I also find their redesign unsettling. While the old design had become something of a kluge since they just kept adding new features on top of the old site, the new design looks very much like CNN's old design, particularly when you manage to hit a page with the left sidebar full of category links.

Chris: I actually admit a morbid curiosity about that whole "Prophecy of the Popes" thing, given its topical nature now that' were down to the last one or two.

And wasn't the last guy to attempt a Pope's life a Communist-employed assassin? Hardly good bedfellows of the Islamofascists. But, then again, they said Shia and Sunni would never play nice...

2:19 PM  

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