Thursday, December 18, 2008

Comment About Ben's Previous Posts that Needs to be its Own Post Because it is Big.

I was actually working on a similar couple of posts this week. Thanks for scooping me.

We went to Saddleback for several months after we first moved to CA seeing as how it was about a mile from our apartment and (theoretically) similar to our home church back in Little Rock. Rick Warren generally preaches the Word, but you do have to wade through stuff about himself to get to the Word. Without sounding too harsh, it seems that he has been grooming himself for the inauguration prayer and cozying up to Obama, anticipating an Obama victory since well before Hillary Clinton even announced her candidacy to run for the Democratic nomination. This was seen with his warm invitation to and even more heartfelt introduction of Obama at Rev. Warren's own personal international AIDS day summit at Saddleback Church a couple of years ago.

I agree that it appears this leader within the Evangelical Right seems to embrace the left and give the appearance of endorsement of Obama to lemming voters who "lack the skills for critical self-reflection and investigation of the actual issues".

When (I think) O'Reilly interviewed Warren about the Saddleback Debate, Bill asked if Rick gave anything away to McCain prior to McCain's time on stage. Warren commented that, if anything, he let something slip to Obama prior to show time. My thought at the time was that in order to appear 'impartial' he actually had to cozy up to the left.

I hope the youngster (Ben) is right three posts below. I hope God has touched Obama's heart and that he is truly heading to the center or even right. God does place the leaders, even the wicked ones, in power for His purposes. If a Christian Evangelical leader has the ear of a liberal President, so much the better. I hope that both men examine their hearts and motives for Rick Warren praying at the inauguration. I hope that it will lead the hard of heart to Christ by opening their eyes to the word of God.


Blogger Benjamin said...

I felt all icky the first time I heard that Obama had "graced" Saddleback with his presence, even if it was for the whole Africa AIDS thing. Not that I really had a dog in the Saddleback fight, so to speak, but my church (along with what, EVERY other evangelical church in the country?) had done the 40 Days of Purpose thing too, so it was like there was some sort of connection that was becoming unvalidated.

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Marty said...

Sam and Ben. Hoping against hope.

3:31 PM  

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