Thursday, April 19, 2007

McCain Wins This Round

Byron York, over at The Corner, rounds up the Big Three's reactions to yesterday's SCOTUS ruling regarding partial-birth abortion. McCain:

Today’s Supreme Court ruling is a victory for those who cherish the sanctity of life and integrity of the judiciary. The ruling ensures that an unacceptable and unjustifiable practice will not be carried out on our innocent children. It also clearly speaks to the importance of nominating and confirming strict constructionist judges who interpret the law as it is written, and do not usurp the authority of Congress and state legislatures. As we move forward, it is critically important that our party continues to stand on the side of life.


Today, our nation’s highest court reaffirmed the value of life in America by upholding a ban on a practice that offends basic human decency. This decision represents a step forward in protecting the weakest and most innocent among us.


The Supreme Court reached the correct conclusion in upholding the congressional ban on partial birth abortion. I agree with it.

Mr. York seems to think McCain "laid it on a bit thick". I have to disagree. He emphasised both the importance of the ruling itself AND the importance of strict-constructionist judges, the sine qua non of the pro-life movement, given the existence and precedents of Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood.

This round:

McCain: 1
Romney: 0.5
Giuliani: Ain't fooling anyone.

If Thompson never enters the race (a fortunately increasingly unlikely situation), at this point, I think I may just have to vote for McCain. It's that important.

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Anonymous Marty said...

I agree with you, Ben. It was important to emphasize the constructionist aspect as well, because it affects so many other potential cases.

4:16 PM  

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