Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Light In This Present Darkness

It has just been reported that the SCOTUS has upheld the national ban on partial birth abortions. It seems like the incremental strategy may, after all, be the path to success for the eventual eradication of legally sanctioned infanticide. Given all the sad news in the last couple days about the Virginia Tech shootings, this is particularly welcome good news.

UPDATE: It's a "breaking news" top-of-the-page headline on Foxnews. On CNN, it's buried WAY down, not even on the above-the-fold portion, and not even the top headline of the below-the-fold "latest news" subsection -- 10 headlines down, in fact. I had to search for it.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Kennedy wrote the majority opinion. Praise God for letting the dice Justice Kennedy apparently rolls before every vote come up in favor of our side!

STILL ANOTHER UPDATE: Still in its obscure location on CNN, 3 hours after it happened, and now the headline blandly reads "Supreme Court upholds ban on abortion procedure". Gee, CNN, thanks for giving me the impression that the SCOTUS upheld a ban on abortion itself, or just some nondescript variant thereof, rather than the procedure wherein a perfectly healthy, living fetus is partially delivered, its skull then pierced or crushed, and then fully extracted and tossed in the garbage.

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Anonymous Marty said...

Perhaps we are witnessing the genius of the Roberts court? Once it was known how Kennedy would vote, and once Roberts had some inkling of Kennedy's reasoning, Roberts chose Kennedy to write the opinion. I haven't read any reviews of the opinion, but if it's a solidly written one, then it's more politically solid just because a relatively liberal judge wrote it.

10:12 AM  
Blogger Benjamin said...

Given Kennedy's liberality, it's important to note that Justice Thomas wrote a concurring opinion rather than just signing his name to the majority opinion. I don't know exactly how it works (i.e., how much weight a concurring opinion holds in terms of stare decisis), but if Thomas felt the need to do so, it couldn't have been that solid. Although from the blurbs I read, Thomas focused on believing that there IS no "constitutional right to abortion" rather than any technicality by which Kennedy was swayed. Still, this is the best news I've seen, about anything, in a long while.

10:23 AM  

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