Monday, January 08, 2007

Thirty Three!

Here's a political quiz, via Instapundit, via Ann Althouse. Scale of zero (100% liberal) to 40 (100% conservative). It's really a crap quiz that oversimplifies and is chock-full of false dichotomies, or bizzare "which do you prefer" choices (Jocelyn Elders versus Pat Robertson??? That's about as informative of my politics as "a kick in the pants" versus "a poke in the eye"!). Plus it assumes political makeup can be simplified into a single dimension. The test at The Political Compass is considerably better, although it also clearly leans liberally, in that several of the obviously "conservative" choices are worded to make them unsavory choices, but at least it breaks political makeup into two dimensions (basically social views and economic views) instead of one. I'm firmly in the "conservative" quadrant, although apparently I'm somehwat "Merkelian" in my outlook -- my economic score is 3.50, and my social (Libertarian versus authoritarian) score is 1.64. Here's my graph.



Anonymous Chris said...

I'm about as far right as you are, but I'm about as "libertarian" as you are "authoritarian".

11:38 PM  

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