Monday, January 08, 2007

Don't You Label Me!

So I really like the new Google-powered interface of Blogger. The editing tools are largely the same, but, for instance, you don't have to REPUBLISH THE ENTIRE BLOG every time you compose a new article. I like that. One of the new features I just discovered was the integrated use of labels for each article. It's super-duper-easy, as all I have to do is type in a label in a little box in the editing window.

Anyhwo, with the aforementioned new swiftness of adding and editing articles, I went back and labelled all my previous posts. It's interesting to see how it helps me break down my subject matter. For instance, I have posted (excluding this post) fifty-seven blog posts since this blog's inception back in November of 2005. Of those, twenty-eight carry the label of "politics", my most-frequently-occuring label. Which works for me, since the "Red" part of my title was chosen for my "Red-state-ism", so I get a pass. Number two is "Christianity" with fourteen posts. Number three, interestingly, is "Islamofascism", as though I were becoming a miniature littlegreenfootballs or something. I've decided to use that title for any and all posts directly related to the "War on Terror", because, after all, you cannot declare war on a tactic. That makes as much sense as referring to WWII as the "War on Kamikazes" or WWI as the "War on Trenches". The only thing I think I need to work on is the "science fiction" category, with a paltry FOUR posts. After all, that was one of the state purposes for the existence of this blog! Shame on me!

The only category that I think requires explanation is "meta", which refers to posts regarding the blog itself or its author, as opposed to posts about things unrelated to me. Such as this post.

Incidentally, do any of my readers who happen to be Blogger users know how to create a clickable list of all my labels out on the sidebar somewhat? I'm too lazy to research the issue, and too ignorant to know how to do it in HTML on my own.



Blogger Mirtika said...

Your "meta" is my "personal stuff" label.:)

And yeah, get going with the SF stuff.


9:49 AM  

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