Thursday, August 17, 2006

Another Sort of Bias

Anybody with a brain and a web browser can prove the media has a liberal bias. Shooting fish in a barrel, that is. But there's another sort of bias that's on brazen display today in the media that I'd like to point out:

The media is biased towards stupid.

For proof, I offer the front pages of both Fox News and CNN today. Guess what CNN's "feature article" (the one that gets a picture on their front page) is? Of course, it's the JonBenet Ramsey killer. Over at Fox? They've got TWO SEPARATE WINDOWS (Fox usually has multiple pictured windows on their front page) for the case, as if it couldn't be contained by only one!

Now, I don't mean to diminish the tragedy of that little girl's death. But it's been 10 years! I think the other headlines of current, pressing world events merit more coverage, nay, even sensationalism, than this case!

Also, in an above paragraph, I didn't mean to imply that Fox is somehow sleazier than CNN since they have TWO boxes instead of only one on the case. Nay, CNN also features as one of its "top headlines" the amazing, earth-shattering news of "Britney: Pregnancy No. 2 'just kind of happened'" Holy Crap, stop the presses!!!

Stuck on stupid is clearly non-partisan.

Update: A federal judge just struck down the warrantless wiretaps the government had been doing. On both FOX and CNN, this warrants only a headline in the regular headline section, and guess what? JonBenet still fills the windows! Oh, and I just watched CNN during lunch, and there was quite literally only a single topic of discussion -- not even a "breaking news" interruption for the ruling. Ugh.



Anonymous Marty said...

If you want to laugh about how things are geered to the stupid, check out this recent editorial in the Weekly Standard by P. J. O'Rourke.

8:48 AM  

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