Friday, December 16, 2005

Good ol' Jonah Goldberg...

Ok, over at NRO, Jonah Goldberg pretty much sums up my entire p.o.v. on the whole Tookie Williams debacle (well, really, the debacle was on the part of the protesters, not on anyone else's part). Two bits in particular struck my fancy:

Sister Helen Prejean told NPR that Williams didn’t need to confess his sin to find redemption. “One way to show remorse is just say, ‘I am so sorry I killed those people.’ Another way to show remorse is with your life, what you do with your life. And look what he’s done with his.” That’s good p.r. but bad theology.

Heehee... also, I believe that woman is the Susan Sarandon character in "Dead Man Walking", just fyi. The other line:

I find it revealing that a significant number of conservatives I know (and even work with) either oppose the death penalty on moral grounds or are inclined to. But they are consistently put off by the radical chic crowd, which has grown deceitful, narcissistic, and married to agendas no conservative would ever sign on to.

Hey, that's me! And it's so very true... I would be against it, if it weren't for the people who would become my "allies". Ick.

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