Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's A Boy!

Mrs. Red Shirt and I just got back from her 20-week ultrasound this very morning. And the news is in: we're having a baby boy! We're very excited about it. I know my brother is upset, as he wanted to have the first boy, being the eldest himself, but the early bird gets the worm, as they say! (that was a none-too-subtle jab at you to start makin' babies, bro!).

A confession: I'm glad my first child was a girl, as I was able to get all ooey-gooey with her in completely unrestrained fashion. I have a bit of trepidation when it comes to boys, as my interests veer heavily toward "geek", away from the traditional "masculine" outlets of sports, hunting, fishing, fixin' things, etc. Thus, I am concerned that I will not be able to properly "butch up" my son in a way that I think is proper. Fortunately, my son will have no fewer than six uncles, including a couple grizzled war veterans, some stellar athletes, at least one gung-ho outdoor sportsman, and all of them great, doting uncles so far. So little Isaac Leopoldo will be the manliest super-geek you ever did see!

I provide the following snapshot as evidence of overwhelming butchness on at least the part of my brother: his gun collection, posted with his permission (it's smaller than I remember it being, but living in Commiefornia for a couple years will do that to you):

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Anonymous Marty said...

Ben, you'll have no trouble introducing your son to the masculine arts, for he'll have not six, but ten uncles. If he wants to be able to run up mountains, play basketball, or, on the other hand, to know about some of the finer vices such as cigars and scotch, he can consult his oldest uncle, Marty. If he wants to get a second opinion on either a medical condition or which handgun to choose, he can talk to Uncle Chris. If he needs another geek to talk to besides Dad, one who also can give him advice on dealing with sisters, and on fine bourbon (the two bits of advice are related), Uncle Paul will be there. And if he wants to have a chat with a grizzled vet, Uncle Hank is his man.

12:30 PM  
Blogger Benjamin said...

Heh... aw gosh, you're making me all misty-eyed again... dammit, there I go again with my lack-of-masculine-artistry.

If you guys are family, btw, where was my MFCO XX invite?

12:32 PM  
Anonymous Marty said...

Well, now that you've produced a male heir, we can talk about next year.

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I can handle the handgun advice better than you or Christopher can, Martin. The reason that my pictured collection is a little lacking is in fact due to the California episode of my life. I had to get rid of all of the Class III stuff before I moved out there. Now that I am in KY, and soon to be moving to Charleston, SC, I have all of the Manger Babies under one roof again.


5:46 PM  
Blogger Benjamin said...

Now Sam (I won't refer to you by your signature until you tell me what it stands for), Marty was careful to call it a SECOND opinion. You know, in case you suggest a gun that clashes with my wardrobe or something (dammit, there I go again!). Marty also knows that our father is a doctor (I think), hence the second opinion part there as well. So relax, you'll always be my number one gun nut.

5:52 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...


Congratulations!! You will have one of each; a boy and a girl.

I don't want to get in the middle of family things, but your brother, on the other hand, seems close to accomplishing the more difficult task of owning a gun in almost every imaginable firing mechanism; pump, semi-auto, lever, bolt, revolver...

I may be wrong, but I don't see a DAO (double action only) or a single-shot in his collection, so you may still be the better brother.

I'm proud of both of you.


7:56 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

Also, he only has one revolver (looks like a single-action Ruger?), so by definition he's missing the other revolver action (double action).


8:00 PM  
Blogger Benjamin said...

Like I said, it's only a portion of his original gun collection. It's been much larger in the past.

8:02 PM  

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